Miya Morant Educational Tour!!

My name is Miya Donnella Morant.  I am the daughter of Eugene "Gino" Morant and Karen Holmes Morant. I am a tenth grader at the School for Creative Studies in Durham, North Carolina. I am  blessed with the opportunity to go on a class trip with EF Tours departing 03/23/2015 returning 04/01/2015.

I will be traveling to Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome to earn credits as part of my class project where I will report on my journey abroad. With the help of my family, friends and community I know I can get there. Please consider making a one-time contribution. I will post my experience on this site upon completion of my trip and presentations to teacher and class. I will provide details related to the trip and what I experienced.

Thank You & God Bless
Miya Donnella Morant

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